DISORIENT is a library and workshop of critical thought and creativity.

Here you’ll find an exploration of things unremembered: things history might like us to forget, things we have yet to learn, things in process, things we have yet to create, things we’re messing up, and things about ourselves and one another that we have yet to love.

Born with diasporic roots across two continents in 2017, DISORIENT contributes to a global archive of research and future artefacts made by those who do not, or cannot, subscribe to a single notion of “home” or “self”.
DISORIENT is operated in digital, tactile, and experiential formats for the curious and the creative.

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DISORIENT in the press

“We believe every person has valuable cultural knowledge, and we’re just busy figuring out a way to be a platform that supports and amplifies cultural agency…We’ve seen from our growing community of readers and crushes how creators embed these immigrant experiences into their work – whether it’s business, non-profit work, art, photography, literature or food. There’s this tangible desire to preserve heritage – even for those who are five, six, seven generations into a new country. At a moment where we’re only just beginning to solve for the imbalances in cultural narratives and misrepresentations of ‘othered’ identities, the significance of Disorientplaying a self-aware, creative role in this moment is not lost on us.” ––
Disorient on Bubblegum Club
“By appreciating the depth and complexity of our identities, we can perhaps be a bit kinder to each other, and more persistent in doing the long-term work of imagining (more) judicious cultural integrations.“
Disorient on Between 10&5



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DISORIENT’S Founding Editor is Dinika Govender. Feel free to reach out directly for queries, ideas, or collaborations.

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