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[NSFW] Beyond Mountains, More Mountains –– a film by CANADA

“I’ve lost my boot somewhere!”

 And so begins an adventure through Italy for two strangers. The journey is every bit as a romantic as it is absurd, capturing an emotional rollercoaster that makes one wonder if this is what it’s like being lost and found at the same time.

Produced by CANADA, Vice, and Partizan Darkroom for fashion house Diesel’s spin off brand––55DSL––Beyond Mountains, More Mountains was released in 2012 and remains a beautifully strange ode to romance.

The film tells the story of Victoria and [unnamed Italian] who wander through Italy in search of [who knows what, really]––cutting from Italian landscapes to mundane hotel room TV and obscure vignettes in between.

Here’s a film that asks, 
“Truth or dare, how much adventure do you have in you?”

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