This is an open-ended list of the thoughts that guide disorient:
Our bodies tell stories that our minds wish us to forget.

For as long as history has been written by drawers of borders and signers of treaties, there’s been a lot we do not know about ourselves –– movements, moments, laws, taboos, customs, inventions, joys, and wonders –– things both natural and man-made that have contributed to why we are the way we are.

In many ways, the future is ancient history.

We have a lot of answers. It’s questions we lack.

Not everything can, or should, be split into categories of goodness and badness. We are messy. It’s okay.

Individual liberty, or agency, is an essential for us all, but is the individual supreme? There’s a difference.

“Epistemological” is a cool, but fkn unnecessary, word. That’s that on that.